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Lakeland, FL – Another chapter is waiting to be written for Dylan Martin in his racing journey.  Dylan starts the 2017 season with optimism that he will have many new challenges to face and find success in a new class this coming season.  In an unexpected turn, the #7 Blackwater Integration Super Late Model has found a new home as Dylan has acquired a Open Wheel Modified in it’s place in the garage. 
He has brought on a new challenge in a new class.  Dylan is tearing the Open Wheel Modified down to it’s chassis and rebuilding it.  How best to know what you have in a newly acquired car, but to tear it down and rebuild it yourself, bolt-by-bolt.  Dylan is excited about the task he’s taken on and is looking forward to seeing the progression of the car from the rails to the track.  He hasn’t driven in this class before but he is anxious to get behind the wheel and continue to improve his driving skills in yet another class.
While Dylan is rebuilding the OWM, he’s keeping his skills sharp on the track by crewing for his brother, Brandon Martin.  This past weekend, Brandon got behind the wheel of his Sportsman for the first time at Auburndale Speedway.  Dylan was there to crew and spot for Brandon.  They spent many hours over the past several weeks putting the Sportsman together and getting it to the track along with Patrick Rickman, Dave Coulprit, Chad Pierce, Michael Martin and others. Brandon brought home a top 10 finish in his first Sportsman race.  Dylan may not have been behind the wheel, but he was attentive to the car and was able to dial the car in to something Brandon could wheel for the first time.  The 50 laps brought on challenges that both driver and crew chief had to be quick on their feet to overcome.  It was a side of the car that Dylan’s not seen much of (outside the car), but there is so much to learn in the racing industry that every aspect of the sport is important.  This gives Dylan a chance to remember input from the driver is important so the crew chief can make the best decision for the driver. It will improve his communications with his crew chief in the future.  Always improving is the name of the sport.  Dylan can’t sit still very long — building the OWM and crewing for Brandon will definitely keep him busy while the search for a sponsor for a Camping World Truck ride is found.  Dylan has great aspirations and he’s definitely going to keep striving to improve in every area he can so when he does drive that first Camping World Truck race, he’ll be as sharp as he can.
Credit: Staci Martin