During the early 2000’s, Brian France and NASCAR’s leadership had one of the biggest, enthusiastic fan bases in sports. Grandstands were full and television ratings were high. Drivers were mostly southern personalities that fans fell in love with and  could relate to.

NASCAR killed that momentum, making changes that angered fans. Winston leaving the sport as a sponsor, the Chase for the Sprint Cup and the debut of the Car of Tomorrow were a few of these alterations. Attendance and TV ratings started to slip. Good ole boys from the south left the sport, replaced by smooth-talking Californians.

Presently, NASCAR is trying to excite fans yet again. A  youth movement has started to replace legends and create excitement for years to come.  The series is more popular than Indy Car or Formula One. On-track action and officiating have improved.

Still, some fans are not satisfied. Some believe the sport will permanently vanish.  This  negativity has to  end. There are no overnight fixes. The series will not become extinct or fail. Give France and the leadership time to make things right. NASCAR will be just fine!