Cruz Pedregon and team have only good things to say about the Snap-on Toyota after seeing it produce the power they want for the rest of the season. “We’ve been fortunate to have input on tuning the car from Ron Douglas and Lee Beard over the past couple of weeks. And, even through a DNQ, we’re seeing more out of the car and it’s responding the way we know it can,” says Cruz. “We ran a 3.9 in Charlotte earlier in the season, and we’ve won races in past years when we were out of the Countdown…I think we’re just a run or two away from getting back to that.”

 “Ron was with me in 2007, and a year later we won the Funny Car World Championship in ’08. The next year, we qualified No. 1 in Charlotte, and we won Charlotte 2 in 2010. That’s the outcome we’d like to see for our terrific fans and sponsors this time at the track.”

Car Chief Chris “Warrior” Kullberg says, “Ron and Lee have really been working with us to re-program the car. It responded better and stronger than it has in previous races, so I know we’re getting there. Cruz had a career-best at Charlotte 2 just three years ago, and it’s in our sights again. The team is ready, and so is he.”


The name on the side of Cruz’s car – Charlotte

If you’ll check the side of Cruz’s car this weekend, you’ll see the name of local franchisee Ken Smart. Ken worked with another franchisee for seven years before investing in his own Snap-on franchise eight months ago and says it’s the best decision he ever made. It was such a good decision, his middle son is starting work with him next week. He says he likes gaining the trust of his customers and delivering quality products that help them do their jobs faster and more efficiently. When he’s not running his mobile store, Ken enjoys muscle cars and riding motorcycles to experience the awesome North Carolina scenery. He’ll be experiencing some nitro at the track this weekend, along with several of his Snap-on customers.


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Credit: Pedregon Racing