Daniel Suarez has been a fixture of Latin American NASCAR drivers. Already in his young career, he’s known as the best stock car driver to come out of Mexico and make it into NASCAR‘s top level. Along with that, he’s proved himself over and over on the race track, winning multiple races in the Xfinity Series and even the 2016 championship.

In the off season, Suarez was tapped as the replacement for Carl Edwards after he decided to step away from full-time racing. After this announcement, fans were in an uproar. They were calling Suarez every name in the book, and claiming his family or sponsors had to have paid Joe Gibbs Racing off for the young Mexico native to get that ride.

That’s utter nonsense. Daniel Suarez is a proven championship driver, from a middle class family in Mexico, who came to the United States with a dream, little money and unable to speak English. In just a few short years he was a winner and learned to speak fluent English.

So far in 2017, Suarez is off to a normal start for a rookie driver. He earned his first Top 10 finish at Phoenix and is consistently getting better each week, just like his Toyota rookie teammate Erik Jones. What’s interesting is, fans and some media are understanding of the start to the season by Jones, but expect Daniel Suarez to have better runs? That’s simply not fair and we need to hold Daniel Suarez to the same expectations as any other driver out there, and not treat him unfairly just because he got his chance out of the blue or he’s from a different place in the world.


Photo Credit: Charlotte Observer