21-22 May, 2016, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA Bryan Clauson (#88) ©2016, F. Peirce Williams LAT Photo USA

Earlier this month motor sports lost another competitor, Bryan Clausan.

When a “incident” occurs on the track that ultimately ends in death, everyone is shocked. It causes the Racing Community, fans, and media to question for days why we love the sport. We may initially be attracted to racing because of the speed, but it offers so much more. Unique and colorful personalities populate The Racing Community. More often then not, racing features competitive, side-by-side action. Whether you are a fan, competitor or media member, racing is in your blood and offers a special brand of comraderie.

Yet, Bryan Clausan was different. He was Superman. BC was an icon, Jeff Gordon and Mario Andretti rolled into one. When Kyle Larson and Graham Rahal proclaim, “We parked it for him” they say it with a little extra emotion.

Still we, and the sport, will survive. As devastating as his death was, we are able to move on.We love racing almost as much as Bryan Clausan.