Image Credit: James Hodge

Somewhat lost in all of the offseason stories in the NASCAR world was the possibility of a new manufacturer entering the sport in 2018 or 2019. Multiple reports, including a spokesman from Dodge, have pointed towards the car manufacturer reentering the sport since leaving after the 2012 season. Some NASCAR media outlets have also discussed the possibility of a whole new brand entering NASCAR, possibly Honda, Kia or Nissan. 

The question is, which brand  would fit into the sport as it is in 2017? There’s no hiding the fact NASCAR has taken a hit in popularity over the last decade or so. With TV ratings and attendance getting lower and lower each season, some people think the sport will never rebound. With that dark cloud over the series, what major brand would join? 

Honda has been in this position within IndyCar for years, seeing the sport go through years of subpar audiences and teams coming and going. Through all of this, and the addition of different manufacturers and aerokits, Honda has stuck with IndyCar, with great success. With NASCAR at a crossroads and needing people to stick through the tough times, Honda would be the best choice for a new manufacturer– if they were interested, and each side can come to a deal.