Johnny Manziel2Johnny Manziel, the second-year Browns quarterback, was involved in an argument with his girlfriend Coleen Crowley.  Reports from ESPN are that he hit her and pushed her head against the window, before swerving all over the road and eventually getting off the highway.  The altercation grew attention especially when Coleen tried to get out of the car.

Also, according to, the police report stated:

In the report, Crowley told police Manziel pushed her head into a window. She wanted her cell phone because she was concerned about her safety and said she just wanted to return to Texas.

The report stated police did see an abrasion on Crowley’s arm but later determined that the abrasion was from Manziel’s attempt to keep her from getting out of the vehicle while it was on the road.

It seems that once again the NFL has a domestic violence incident on their hand.  I am curious to what approach the NFL takes on this particular case.  All the money spent on the NFL stance against the domestic violence and all the commercials trying to make us believe they are serious about it will ultimately come down to this, the first domestic issue since the NFL began this “smoke and mirrors” campaign.

Does anyone actually believe the NFL and this all of a sudden concern about domestic violence?  No.  Will the NFL drop the ball on this once again?  You know it.  But this is the NFL and that is just how it goes.

Now to make things even worse, Manziel admitted he had also been drinking.  Which will bring a whole other set of discipline and questions.  Was his 10 week stay in rehab all for nothing?  What will the NFL do in both situations?  And finally, what will the Cleveland Browns do and how will they handle Johnny Football?