Why is the Brian Scott move to Richard Petty Motorsports, and more specifically the Sprint Cup, getting so much attention?  I am not quite sure I understand what all the fuss is about.  It is just one more driver in NASCAR getting by on his name or family money.

As expected, Richard Petty Motorsports named Brian Scott the full-time driver of the No. 9 Ford for the 2016 Sprint Cup Series season this week.  The official announcement was made Friday morning.

“We’re happy to welcome Brian to the team,” said RPM co-owner and seven-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion Richard Petty. “Our team has worked very hard to continue our winning tradition and building consistency. We feel Brian is a great addition to that. He’s made a steady progression through the ranks, and now, we feel he’s ready to compete in the Sprint Cup Series.”

RPM, who has always been a middle of the pack team with average at best drivers, once again signs an average driver to pilot their cars.  This move from RPM comes as no surprise.  And of course, Brian Scott is happy he finally gets his Sprint Cup opportunity.

“I am thrilled to go Sprint Cup Series racing full-time next year and to do it with such an iconic team,” said Scott. “When you think NASCAR racing, you think Petty. I’m glad to now be a part of that legacy. I had a lot of fun competing in the XFINITY Series for the last seven years, and I’m excited to take the next step. I ran some races in the Sprint Cup Series the last few years and learned a lot. I feel like we are in a good position to compete for the Rookie of the Year next year and continue the consistency that RPM built over the last few years.”

It is a match made in heaven.  An average team, an average driver and a mutual understanding that winning a championship is very unlikely from either drivers or this organization.  So this should not be news breaking material.

But even a match made in heaven has caused some feathers to be ruffled.  You see, it seems that fans are upset that money and family names talk and all the real talent is left to walk.  A problem in this sport, but a problem that has never stopped the fans to cheer on the likes of Dale Earnhardt Jr., Austin Dillon and Chase Elliott.

Yes, it seems very hypocritical of so many fans for criticizing RPM or Brian Scott.

For those that are clueless right now, the only reason Brian Scott is getting this opportunity in the Sprint Cup is because of the sponsorship he is able to bring with him.  Scott brings Shore Lodge with him, an Idaho travel resort owned by his father, Joe, that has supported him in his racing endeavors with other teams.


Let’s mention that currently in the Sprint Cup we have Dale Earnhardt Jr. (in the sport because of his father), Chase Elliott (in the sport because of his father), Austin and Ty Dillon (in the sport because of their grandpa) and Paul Menard (in the sport because of family sponsorship).  Then we can also throw in Kyle Petty, who only had a ride because of his father and his “Petty” name is the only reason we have to suffer listening to him on NBC.

With four of the biggest names in NASCAR in the sport because of name weight or family money, and many other former and current drivers doing the same thing, why is it now that fans, critics of the sport and experts are getting all worked up?  NASCAR has made their bed, you the fans got all comfortable in the big soft comfortable bed, so no need of complaining now.

And on a brighter note, most Sprint Cup careers go to RPM do die, so is it really that big of a deal.  Scott will be in the sport until the money runs out and then back to the XFINITY Series or worse.  I love “The King” as much as the next fan of the sport, but let’s be realistic……this organization will never win a championship, may never win a full length race and never will sign a real talent to pilot their cars.

I know we all want to see the most talented drivers out their on the track.  We also want to see teams sign a driver because of their talent, not sign them because of their name or money they bring, but this has been an issue in the sport for years and even more so ever since Dale Earnhardt Jr. entered the sport.  It is where this sport has been, is currently and will continue to go in the future.  So get over it, stop complaining and just be happy your favorite driver has two fewer cars to worry about in their championship thanks to RPM and their decision to keep fielding two uncompetitive cars.