MEMPHIS, Tenn. (Match 29) — Reigning NHRA Super Gas world champion Mia Tedesco and two-time IHRA champ Jason Lynch are taking five CARS Vehicle Service Contracts-branded racecars to Memphis International Raceway this weekend in hopes of cashing in big at the fifth annual 25K Showdowns presented by
With a rare off-weekend from NHRA action, Tedesco and Lynch, who serves as crew chief in addition to driving himself at select events, feel like they have the ability to pocket lots of money in the non-points race, that nevertheless holds lots of prestige in the drag racing community.
“Brian and Nick Folk and Britt and Slate Cummings put on a great race and because those guys are so well respected, they know exactly what it takes to attract all the best bracket racers from around the country,” Tedesco said. “Whenever you have three ‘Showdown’ races in a row with each one paying $25,000 to win, all the bigtime racers are going to show up.
“In many ways, these big dollar bracket races are just as tough as an NHRA national or divisional race because of the talent level of the competition and how many rounds you need to go to win. I love it. You sure feel a true sense of accomplishment if you’re the one left standing at the end of the day.”
Tedesco and Lynch are bringing three dragsters, a Chevy S-10 pickup truck and a Pontiac Grand Am to MIR. They will decide who is going to drive which vehicle when they get there, and that line-up is subject to change each day.
“It can be a super busy time when you got five cars, especially if you start going rounds in all of them,” Lynch said. “But it’s a bunch of fun. It’s also a great chance for me and Mia to get in some extra laps under real racing conditions. Seat time is so important and coming off a long winter break it means even more to both of us. We’ve only had two NHRA races so far but if things go right in Memphis, it will feel like three more full events by the end of the weekend.”
The payouts for each day of the event include $25,000 to the winner, $7,500 to the runner-up, $1,500 to each semifinalist and $750 for each quarterfinalist. Payouts begin after the third round and buybacks are available.
In addition to the regular Showdowns, Friday will feature a Practice Tree Race paying $2,000 to the winner and $1,000 to the runner-up. On Saturday, there will be a 32-Car Shootout with the winner getting a new American Dragster or a 28-foot Vintage Outlaw Trailer. The runner-up will receive the prize not selected by the winner.
For more information, visit or call 901-WOW-RACE.