Manziel McCown

As Cleveland Browns‘ head coach, Mike Pettine, announced Josh McCown as their starting quarterback for Sunday’s match-up against the Oakland Raiders.  We could only ask ourselves one question……are the Cleveland Browns the only ones that don’t get it?

I have been the most anti-Johnny Manziel fan in the world, often referring to him as Johnny ManJoke, but after getting the opportunity to watch him play against the Tennessee Titans I am now going with Johnny Man “he is much better than Josh” ziel.

Are the Cleveland Browns honestly planning on benching what is probably the most electrifying player, not only on this team but possibly the NFL, for a journeyman.  You clearly have a backup and a third string quarterback on this team, and the Browns have decided to start the third string quarterback in front of their backup.

Their basis you ask???

According to Mike Pettine, “He’s done everything we have asked of him in the off-season……..he earned the right to be our starting quarterback…….we feel he gives us the best opportunity to win on Sunday…..and that is the basis of the decision”.

Are you freaking serious?

Mike Pettine, do you honestly think the fans that spend their hard earned dollars to come watch their favorite franchise care what Josh McCown did in the off-season?  If that is the case, Tim Tebow would have his choice of what team to not just play for, but being the starting quarterback.  The only thing the fans care about is that Manziel gives this offense a spark, he makes plays happen and he has arm strength that Josh McCown only dreams of.  The best opportunity??? There is a reason McCown has been passed around like a unspeakable STD from team-to-team.  He has never been productive, never looked at as a permanent or long term starter and has always been more of the clipboard holding type than an actual on-the-field type.

Now Pettine feels that a quarterback that has never had a complete season (and has already missed about 7 quarters of 8 possible) and who has 61 TDs and 102 INTs/FUMs in 13 seasons gives them the best opportunity to win???

I know, I know, if you don’t know me you would swear I was a Manziel fan and on board with Johnny Football Mania. But that is the farthest thing from the truth, I boycotted my own Cleveland Browns as soon as they drafted him and was refusing to wear anything Cleveland until he was released or traded.  It wasn’t until he gave the Washington Redskins‘ entire bench “the bird”, that I caved in on the boycott.  I am still pissed that the Browns wasted draft picks moving up for a player nobody else wanted and even more pissed that they actually wasted a draft pick on selecting Manziel.  So DO NOT take this as me endorsing Johnny Football Mania, but me as a Cleveland Browns fan stating the obvious, THAT JOHNNY MANZIEL IS THE BETTER QUARTERBACK, THE QUARTERBACK THAT DOES WHAT IT TAKES ON THE FIELD TO WIN AND THE CLEVELAND BROWNS BEST OPPORTUNITY TO WIN.  PERIOD.