Brandon Weeden3

Honestly, after Brandon Weeden‘s dismal start of a career in Cleveland, I did not think we would ever see him on the field again as starter.  Weeden had looked like a third string quarterback at best. Throwing for 5,116 yards and 23 TDs, while having 35 INTs/FUMs in two seasons.  Weeden made the Cleveland Browns look like they just randomly picked names out of a hat during the draft, ONCE AGAIN.

Brandon WeedenThen enters Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys.  The Cowboys were a little smarter with their quarterback decision-making.  They signed Weeden as a back-up quarterback and honestly, with the hopes they would never EVER have to play him.  That plan back fired.  Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys quickly learned how horrific Weeden really is.  In two seasons in Dallas he threw for 1,041 yards and 5 TDs, while having 4 INTs/FUMs.  But more importantly, he could not lead the Cowboys to victory (0-3) in a division that they were favored to win and win it with both hands tied behind their back and their feet chained to a cement block in the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

Once again, I thought Brandon Weeden  was done with the NFL.

Brandon Weeden4Houston we have a problem or do we?  The Houston Texans decided that their current quarterback situation could not get any worse, so they signed Brandon Weeden to their squad.  Upgrade, NEVER.  Perfect timing, MOST DEFINITELY.  With Ryan Mallet getting the boot and Brian Hoyer dealing with a concussion, the Texans were now doing the unthinkable.  With the season on the line, they started Brandon Weeden.  But wait, were the Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, all the critics and myself all wrong, is Brandon Weeden not done being a quarterback in the NFL?

In two starts with the Houston Texans, a team plagued with injuries and still rebuilding that offense, Weeden is 2-0.  Yes, that is not a typo, he is 2-0 as a starter for the Texans.  Weeden might only have 305 yards and 3 TDs, while having 2 INTs/FUMs, but he is 2-0 and now have the Texans in the driver seat on winning the AFC South.

Weeden remained largely silent on the subject of his release by the Dallas Cowboys earlier this season.  Focusing on finding a new home, learning a new system and getting his career back together.  But after two straight victories and the Texans looking to be playoff bound, Weeden has opened up.

During his regular appearance on Oklahoma City radio station 107.7, Weeden was asked if it’s “extra satisfying” that he’s on a team trying to lock down a postseason berth while the Cowboys turned into a “dumpster fire”?

“I mean, yeah. Absolutely,” Weeden said. “We get to play extra football and he’ll be watching on his couch. That’s what it’s all about. We’re playing for something, and this is a fun time of the year.”

“Obviously, here a lot of guys here got my back,” Weeden said. “Nate Washingtonsaid some really nice things after last week’s win, which I really appreciated. You know, everybody here in this locker room has got my back. They understand how this league works. They were just as shocked as I was with some of the things that maybe Jerry or whoever was saying. It was kind of one of those things. Everybody here has my back. When it’s all said and done, that’s really all that matters.”

Don’t get me wrong, the odds that Jerry Jones losses any sleep over this is just as likely as the Texans actually winning a playoff game.  Weeden only beat the Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans, any quarterback with at least one arm and two legs have been able to do that this year.  But after listening to the unprofessionalism of Jerry Jones, if the Texans can win again this week (or Colts lose), I would not be upset if Weeden decided to get the last laugh.