With the weekend approaching, so does the NHL All-Star celebration, mix that with the 100th anniversary, with the like of Crosby, Ovechkin, Price, Toews, Kane, Malkin, Simmons, McDavid, and so many others, it’s gonna be one hell of a weekend. Jon Hamm will hosting a special event as he will be unveiling the 100 greatest hockey players of all time in the leagues history at the Microsoft Theater Jan. 27.

Saturday Jan. 28th will be the skills competition, which is my bread and butter. Ever year I make it time to always catch the skills comp. I don’t care what. This year the competition will be showcased in 6 events, the skills challenge relay, the 4 line challenge, accuracy shooting,the fastest skater, the hardest shot, and the shootout challenge.The link below can explain how each event will work for the 4 line challenge and the skills relay challenge, since there is a lot going on in those 2 events.



The All-Star game will be held on Jan. 29th at 3:30 est. on NBC, where we will have the 2nd year of the 3 on 3 format which I loved last year. So much more skill is being showcased with less players on the ice, and the poor goalies must be getting a workout more than a regular season game. Either way hockey fans will be getting a healthy dose of nonstop 3 on 3 action with spectacular saves, tape to tape passes, and jaw dropping shots. Here in the link below for the new puckheads is how the game format goes for the 3 on 3 format.

To the new hockey fans who have never watched any type of hockey, watch the skills competition, I recommend the fastest skater and the hardest shot, you’ll be amazed by what these athletes can do with a stick in their hands and razors on their feet. All in all, do you really wanna be depressed by the NFL Pro Bowl, I don’t, you’ll get better action and skill from the guys on the ice other than watching a touch football game essentially.