With the NHL season over halfway completed, it’s easy to overlook the College ranks of hockey. This season for the NCAA of hockey is producing prospects left and right for the pro levels of hockey. The most astonishing thing this year has been the emergence of Penn State hockey, who have only been officially around for 5 years now. They hit the number 1 spot in the rankings for the first time in school history, but have since dropped to number 4 after losing to Ohio State 6-3.

For a while there Penn State was only a club team which left me bewildered, because hockey is big in PA, only backseat to football. In recent years, Pittsburgh alone has produced quite a few players in the NHL, John Gibson of the Ducks, Brandon Sadd of the Columbus Blue Jackets, Steven Johns of the Dallas Stars just rattle off a few. 6 of the 20 some guys on the roster are from PA, mostly recruiting from the NY area up to Canada and even reaching over seas for talent. Who would’ve thought in the short 5 years that Penn State has been around would garner so much success in so little time.

With the tourney inching closer, I look forward to the frozen four, hockey’s march madness for me. Each game is so pivotal now to keep teams in the hunt for a bracket spot, and the top teams have been there and done that over the course of time for each school. Umass- Lowel, North Dakota, Minnesota- Duluth, Boston Co., and Boston U have all had success and even won the National title for hockey. As people line up for the basketball brackets, I’ll be quietly sitting in the corner waiting for the college hockey tourney to kick off!!! The link below holds the current rankings in the NCAA Men’s Hockey.

The National Championship for the Men’s Ice Hockey will take place April 6th-8th at the United Center in Chicago where the Blackhawks call home Ice!!!