With all the attention being shown in the Central division in the west the last few years, the Hawks dominance of the last 7 seasons or so, the east has made it’s presence felt. With the Hawks and Kings ruling for the last few years, it’s easy to forget the power house teams in the east, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Washington and the New York Rangers. Currently there are 6 players from the Metro division in the top ten points race now. With the hottest division in hockey now has to be the Metro, let’s look right now. The Capitals are in 5th place in the division with a 4 game win streak going on, Columbus in 4th has a 6 game streak going,  3rd place Philly has a 9 games win streak, 2nd place Rangers have a 3 game winning streak, and the 1st place Pens have a 6 game winning streak going on now. It’s really hard to argue against these numbers right now especially since that the Metro as a whole has been destroying teams left and right. Who would’ve thought Columbus would be in the hunt for top spot in the division. Who would’ve thought Pittsburgh’s offense would be dismantling the competition on 5 on 5.

Regardless of who your favorite team is in the Metro, safe to say times are good, but how long will that last. Once these teams start facing off against each other who knows what’s going to happen down the stretch.  As of now the Metro as a whole is the only division with a plus goal differential at +77, the Atlantic is at -23, The Central in the West is -31, and t he Pacific is at -30. So yea, the Metro is the top division in hockey now and overall. If anyone can remember when a division dominated this much so far into a season, because I can’t. I can’t say who’s going to win it all this year, still too early to tell, but one thing is for sure, the Cup may be coming back to the Metro division this year!

With the top talent in the east, Crosby Malkin, Ovechkin, Giroux, Voracek, and Simmons, plus the goaltending acts of Bobrovsky, Lundquivst, and Murry, a big part of why the metro has been dominate this year. Which can only get fine tuned and better as the year goes on, like an aging whiskey, only gets better with time. Now that we are heading into the All-Star game and the trade deadline, we will see teams study themselves to see what they are going to need for the final push for the playoffs. All I know is I’ll be looking forward as the season moves along, and continually watching metro games. How will the rest of the league go into games this year against these teams, it will be tough night in and out.