Besides the Wednesday night rivalry on NBCSN, we had the debut of Matt Murry of the Pens in Anaheim tonight.

The Ducks who were without Getzlaf tonight really struggled from the get go, not playing the way they did the night before were John Gibson of the Ducks put up a shutout against the Kings who are really missing Quick in the net now.

Murry made 32 saves on 33 shots tonight, but what I was more inclined to watch how Murry handled the weaknesses of the post season last year. Shooting high on the glove side and high in general really had Murry showing his inexperience last year.

Tonight however, I see some adjustments made by Murry, holding that glove hand in a more up-right position rather than a horizontal one. Which to me, seems he has made adjustment to really cut the high corners of the net off from shooters tonight.

Yes I know it’s only his first game back since the world cup back in September, but Mike Sullivan has to like what he sees right now.

Fleury has been very well in net but had the night off after carrying the Pens to the top spot in the Metro division now. Having Murry back in the line-up can really sustain the back end for the Pens.

Letang coming back to the line up is also never a bad thing either. Murry saw the puck very well tonight and really handled the rebounds with poise and confidence which in turn is what you want from your goaltender on a game to game basis. Despite giving up one goal on the power play from the Ducks which has been red hot lately, he really handled himself just like he did at the end and the post season last year.

Even still we don’t know how Rutherford, the GM of the Pens will handle the goalie situation in Pitt later in the year. We still have to get to the trade deadline and through the expansion draft, either way you look at it here are two goalies that can backstop teams into the playoffs and even win a cup, which both have done.

Murry signing the deal with Pens earlier this season gives him some market value if teams are interested in Murry. I would like to see both of these guys go back and forth and win games for the Pens, is it possible that they could win 50 or even, dare I say it 60 games, who knows, that’s why they play the games. Regardless of whats to come for Pens fans, they can sit back and enjoy the show for now.