English: Downtown Nashville

English: Downtown Nashville (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay people, I know it’s been a while since I’ve actually had the time to sit and think and type things up. Even though we are in the 2nd round now who would’ve thought that Edmonton would be heading to game 7 in Anaheim and that the Predators would handle the Blues in 5 games. If Edmonton wins this series against the Ducks, we could have a really good and unexpected series in general.

Besides that I feel I owe alot of respect to what they’ve accomplished thus far in the postseason, playing 10 games and only losing twice with a sweep under their belt too! Victor Arvidsson, Mike Fisher, Johansen, Neal, Ryan Ellis, Roman Josi, P.K. Subban, have been just playing great hockey, sustained, aggressive hockey. I’m not going to bore you with stats or anything like that, because they can be deceiving. Nashville seems to be really pressing the fore-check by attacking the puck and forcing a quick decision that could cost into a turn over, which is why they swept the Hawks and why the beats the Blues in 6 games. Nashville doesn’t give alot of breathing room in the neutral zone, they finish checks, and create turnovers with the aggressive fore check that is just relentless.

Nashville has a really good power play unit and have put it to good use so far, having a solid athletic defense allows for the offensive chances they create from the back end. Subban has set playoffs personal bests having his first 3 point night in a playoff game. Although the 2 games they did lose to St. Louis, the Preds got into some bad penalty trouble, exposing their penalty kill, seeing how those were the only 2 losses in the last 10 games I guess you can afford to drop one or two, but it’s a double edged blade.

Needless to say Nashville is heading to their first Conference final in the franchises history, (1998-1999) the fans love their team and hockey is very big in Nashville, I should know I spent some time there and met alot of people who play and love the game. Being uncharted territory for the Preds I do believe they can weather the storm, they haven’t collapsed yet! If Pekka can keep stopping pucks like he has been doing thus far, it will be very hard to beat Nashville home or away!!!