Well we all know that home field and ice advantage is always a big key in games. Nothing could be further from the truth than with the Pens home ice record, which is best in the league at 20-2-2. 4 games, just four games at home where the Pens have lost, that’s some impressive home stand. The Caps are in 2nd with a 19-5-1 record at home, the Jackets are in 3rd with a 18-5-1 and the Hawks are in 4th with 18-5-4 record at home.

Pittsburgh during the season usually take a little time to get going, but if the score is close or tied, or even be down by 3 goals, the Pens have the ability and skill to fight their way back into games. Leading the league in games with 5 or more goals in the league with 7 if I remember correctly, and a few 7 goal games. The Pens are lethal no matter the situation, after coming back from a 3 goal deficit against the Caps a while back really kicked off game of the year candidates. Striking on even strength with the likes of Crosby, Sheary, Rust, or even with Malkin, Kessel, Schultz, and the list goes on and on. It’s a luxury to have 2 of the top players in the world along with the up and coming Connor Sheary, who was named the 1st star of the week with 9 goals in 9 games and 17 goals on the season which is 3rd best on the team.

We also can’t forget the power play units of the Pens, either unit can make you cower and shiver due to the abundance of passing and shooting ability of the Pens. Quick side to side passes and quick one timers can really bother a goalie, (trust me I know) and this season I’ve watched goalies just fall apart. When it comes to playing of the games the Pens seem to light it up in the 2nd or 3rd periods, where their speed has started to wear down opposing teams as the game moves along. Speed has really opened up the door for Pitt in a sense where their skills match-up with their speed, and is a sight for hungry eyes.

The Pens have a dual threat goalie situation, which you can compare it to the 2 running back units of the NFL. With Fleury, and Murry backstopping the Pens this year, there are some scary future times in the Burgh with the expansion draft looming. Rutherford has been rather quiet so far in which that is a good thing, no need for any distractions among the team, but I am sure he is hearing offers for both of them and keeping hush hush about it.

Pens fans can’t be more happy as of now with the way they are playing right now, Coach Mike Sullivan has really composed himself after getting tossed from the bench a few games back and really holds the team in a manner where they can win consecutively and keep pace in the difficult Metro division.