Looking 4 days past the trade deadline, and less than 20 games to go, a few teams still have a shot but how will the magic end for some. As it sits right now in the East Washington has pretty much ran away with the best overall record, thus far and Columbus in 2nd place in the Metropolitan Division behind the Caps. The N.Y. Rangers are in the first Wild Card spot only 2 points behind Pittsburgh who is 3rd in the Metro, what makes this even worse, the Rangers don’t have any game in hand on any of those being, -1 game against the Caps, and -2 to the Jackets and the Pens. Well for all the other teams, Isles holding the 2nd Wild Card spot are 3 points behind Boston in the Race in the Atlantic Division. Here what the rest looks like!

Wild Card

  1. N.Y. Rangers GP 65
  2. N.Y. Islanders GP 63


Outside Looking In

  1. Toronto GP 64
  2. Florida GP 64
  3. Tampa Bay GP 64
  4. Philadelphia GP 64
  5. Buffalo GP 65

With New Jersey 9 points back, Detroit 10 points back, and Carolina being 11 points back, obvious playoff misses.

In the Western Conference it’s not as tight as the East is but some changes have been made. Minnesota was in the Central Division lead a week ago, now it belongs the Chicago Blackhawks, The L.A. Kings have made the 2nd Wild Card spot in the West, week and a half ago it looked bleak, but having the legendary Darryl Sutter on the bench coaching, he’s been around. The trade involving with Tampa changes the outlook now. Bishop gets a team where the D is part of the game and Quick coming back a solid 1,2 combo if Quick can’t go. What’s compelling about the West Wild Cards belong to Calgary and L.A. both in the Pacific division.

Wild Card

  1.     Calgary GP 65 Points 74
  2.      L.A. Kings GP 65 Points 68

Outside looking In

  1. ST. Louis GP 63 Points 67
  2. Winnipeg GP 66 Points 66
  3. Dallas GP 65 Points 62

Followed by Vancouver with 64 Gp, and 61 points, Arizona 64 GP, 53 points, and Colorado 63 GP, and a measly 37 points

The East is the Heavyweight power points wise, but we’ve learned anything is not to count out the Hawks or the Kings, experience goes a long way in the playoffs, especially when you win more than 1, even 2 Stanley Cups in a few seasons, Chicago has 3 in since 2010. All I’m saying is anything can happen one team can get hot and ride that wave all the way to the promise land, it has happened, it will happen, just to who will it happen to is the guess!