Long gone are the days of the ridiculous point totals of Lemieux and Gretzky, who could easily crack the 200 point mark seemingly at will. No. 99 hit the 200 point mark 4 times in his career, that’s at least 800 points, I mean really, 4 times, that’s just not normal. 2,857 points for the the Great One. I feel Super Mario would have cracked that mark if he wasn’t marked by injuries, bad back and cancer. Stories of his legend go around, having team mates help him with his luggage while traveling, trainers having to tie his skates for practice and games and still going out game to game and putting on spectacular performances day in and out. He is the the only player to score 5 goals 5 different ways, even-strength, power-play, short-handed, penalty shot, and empty net. That’s special, and I feel we haven’t seen any player yet to resemble Wayne and Mario, yea there’s Crosby, Kane, Ovechkin, and Malkin. These guys are worldly talent, but they are far from what Gretzky and Lemieux were.

Which brings me to the points race so far this year, Yea it’s only over a third of the way through the season but I feel there’s a good list here.

  1. Conner McDavid EDM 12 goals 27 assists for 39 points
  2. Vladimir Tarasenko STL 14 goals 18 assists for 32 points
  3. Jakub Voracek Philly 11 goals 21 assists for 32 points
  4. Sidney Crosby Pitt 20 goals 11 assists for 30 points
  5. Nikita Kucherov Tampa 13 goals and 17 assists for 30 points
  6. Evgeni Malkin Pitt 12 goals 18 assists for 30 points
  7. Phil Kessel Pitt 9 goals and 21 assists for 30 points
  8. Tyler Seguin DAL 10 goals 19 assists for 29 points
  9. Claude Giroux Philly 9 goals 20 assists for 29 points
  10. Wayne Simmons Philly 15 goals 13 assists for 28 points

These are the top 10 as of today, a lot of guys where not seeing on this top 10 list. Corey Perry, Patrick Kane, Alex Ovechkin, or even a few others. Two teams represent 6 of the top scorers in the league and they just so happen to be from my home state of Pennsylvania, yup, that’s right, Pittsburgh, (my side of PA) and Philadelphia. Giroux, Voracek, and Simmons for the Flyers and Malkin, Crosby, and Kessel for Pittsburgh. It has been an interesting year for some teams, some who were in the playoffs last year who are looking in from the outside now, and others who are slowly making a name for themselves.

McDavid is going to set a bar for career high this season in points barring an injury, last season missed a couple of months with a broken collarbone. I’m guessing he be right around 30 to 35 goals and maybe 55 to 60 assists, where that’s going to get him a Hart Trophy, who knows, especially the company trailing him now. Fortunate enough, the Philly trio of Voracek, Simmons, and Giroux share ice together enough that they can pad each others stats, because hey they’re the top line in Philly, playing 5 on 5 or the power play, one of these 3 guys will always have the puck. For Pittsburgh, where Crosby, Malkin, and Kessel are hot on the heels of the top spots in the scoring race aren’t that worried I would imagine. Crosby and Malkin have both won scoring titles before with the Pens, so they have the experience needed for a race like this, and when the power play starts ticking for them, watch out.

Surprising me really has been Tarasenko, yes I do know he’s that good, but with some of the roster moves that were made Backes and Brouwer gone, Yakapov coming in plus Fabbri, Steen, and Schwartz being in the mix more has helped Tarasenko and the Blues to win games. Tyler Seguin is another guy who has got back to his old form really and has produced point on the power play for the Stars in big D. It really kicked off against the Pens where local boy Stephen Johns, who plays for the Stars went back home to Pittsburgh, PA to play against a team he rooted for. Seguin was hampered by injuries and has really come back and has been playing confidently. Even though the Stars are struggling now to get back in the playoff hunt, they are certainly capable of doing it. Benn, Spezza, Seguin, and Klingberg they have the talent there, but is the goaltending there?


Wayne Gretzky, New York Rangers.

Wayne Gretzky, New York Rangers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)