At the risk of repeating myself, I must revisit a question I asked some time ago on this site: How far has Tiger Woods fallen??

With his arrest on DUI charges over Memorial Day weekend near  his home in Florida  the answer is pretty darn far.

When Tiger first picked up a golf club at the age of three under the tutelage of his military father Earl, few would dispute that Woods was a golf prodigy. As his career progressed, Earl took most of the heat for pushing and prodding his young son, but early on, you couldn’t argue with the results. After conquering the Amateurs rather easily, Woods earned his PGA Tour Card and played in his first pro tournament at 16. It was well documented that Woods took golf to new heights, both in fan support and wins.

It was undeniable that Woods brought fans to the sport in numbers that rivaled Palmer and Nicklaus. To golfing pundits, it was a given that Woods would break Nicklaus’ tournament win record of 18. Off the course, this finally was an athlete that anyone, youth or adult, could look up to.

Even after Earl died, Woods relied on his steely determination on the course and the discipline instilled in him by both parents.

Fast forward to 2017. Divorced from first wife Elin after a series of rumored affairs (the event that I believe started his downfall), seemingly incapable of dealing with numerous injuries and, finally unable to stay out of the headlines for any number violations and transgressions, the previously intensely private Woods is a shell of his former self.

And what of the At-risk young men he mentors through his Foundation and the alternative school established in the Anaheim, Ca. area? What kind of an example is Woods setting for them?

As fans ask if Woods will ever win one more tournament, let alone 5 to break the now-elusive record, a greater question has emerged: IN MY OPINION, Tiger Woods needs to get his LIFE back on course before he worries about the golf course.