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Are you a sports fanatic???  Do you want to share your thoughts and opinions on the biggest sports topics with the world???  Do you like to write???  If you said YES to these questions, you need to join The 110 Nation writing staff!!!

The 110 Nation is currently looking for motivated, passionate and inspiring writers to join our staff.  We have set VERY lofty goals for 2017 and are working on preparing to reach them now.  We are looking to join the MILLIONAIRE’S CLUB in 2017.  In order to meet those goals, we need to increase our writing staff.

If writing for a company that has been around since April 15, 2011, that has had many featured articles, that will get you credentials to as many events as possible and that will give you a platform to help you move up, on or continue helping The 110 Nation to grow, then contact Mr. C.J. Sports at to join the team!!!